Jim Altamore | About

Jim Altamore is a versatile singer of popular standards from what is known today as the Great American Songbook.  His next recording project will reflect the vibe of one of his greatest influences…. Count Basie.  Jim plans to bring in some of the Basie alumni to add a special touch to the endeavor.  Jim lives by the motto: “Too much Basie? There’s no such thing”.

Jim grew up during a time of transition……the music world was changing with the arrival of the Beatles. However, his family always appreciated the true American music of jazz and swing and kept him in touch with the great singers like Sinatra, Ella and Bennett. Jim’s indoctrination in the world of music started on the right path….and it never changed!

Jim took a circuitous route to become a singer. Although he had a love of music, he never sang in public while he was growing up.  He actually did not know that his voice was not ordinary.  So, after graduating from college with a degree in accounting, Jim entered the 9 to 5 world of business…..but kept close to the music scene, working for some record labels, notably Atlantic Records.

It wasn’t until some years later that the urge to sing became a great source of frustration for Jim.  One day, as he listened to Frank Sinatra sing, the Sinatra sound resonated both literally and figuratively in him. It was at that point that he realized that he wanted to do what Sinatra was doing.  Jim now had a direction…but did he have the chops?

Fortunately, Jim met some jazz musicians who encouraged him to pursue his dream.  He worked hard at his craft and eventually let the public know that he was ready to sing for them. And he has been doing it ever since.

Few people succeed in any endeavor without the help of others.  Through the years, Jim has met many people who believed in his talent.  Many of them helped along the way and will never be forgotten for their generosity.  The late Dennis Duggan, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, once described Jim in a newspaper article as a “long-distance runner” because he has never strayed from his dream of becoming a full time singer.  Dennis should only know that Jim has reached that goal.

Jim has performed world-wide, highlighted by a series of concerts in France in tribute to Sinatra, and has worked with artists such as Diana Ross and Spyro Gyra. His voice was featured on Broadway in “A Bronx Tale” in which he sang Sinatra’s version of “Fly Me to the Moon”.